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China as a global supplier to the world | Episode 2: Factors to consider when purchasing from China

In the previous episode we learnt about the landscape of China as a supply chain destination. In today’s article, my aim is to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of purchasing from different parts of China. The different locations have their own unique offerings to the global supply chain. With a vast segment, the different parts of China offer different products/services. Let us deep dive into these areas to get a better understanding

  • South China:

South China is a key part in world trade in today’s global economy. This part of China is generally popular for light products which refer to products that are useful for the daily life of consumers. However, as of late there have been ventures within South China to provide heavy products such as machinery thereby changing the landscape within the region. This area is technologically very advanced. The traders are generally very open and flexible to strike deals as per the consumers requirement.

  • Middle China:

Middle China is one of the fastest growing regions within China, and is gaining immense popularity among many across the world. This part of China has a vast variety of product offerings ranging from traditional products to the most technologically advanced products with many small businesses and factories operating. With the plethora of products and factories within, the region is extremely competitive thereby driving the prices down.

  • North China

North China is a very traditional area selling more traditional products such as machinery. A plethora of factories ranging from small one’s to large government owned are available in North China. This region in China is not very technologically advanced as other parts of China and traders are not flexible as in South China.

  • West/South China

This is the most traditionally driven area within China with many focusing on predominantly agricultural products as opposed to technologically driven products. Traders cater to the traditional market.

We hope the above markets dynamics are helpful for you to understand purchasing in China.

Thank you

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