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The humble beginnings of Tecpacking and its growth strategy over the decades

The early years

Since inception in the early 2008, Tecpacking has been working on the food packaging business. Similar to other mass packaging Companies, Tecpacking too was focused on catering to the wider audience and did not specify itself on any industries.

In 2009/2010, Tecpacking received inquiries for pyramid tea bag packing machines. Therefore to successfully take on this challenge, the Company partnered with different stakeholders to develop the first machine. The machine received favorable feedback. This started the drive for Tecpacking to specialize exclusively in the manufacturing of pyramid tea bag machines.

After this, Tecpacking has been continuously developing the pyramid tea bag packing machines rigorously. It was understood that we are the best Company based in China that can supply high quality pyramid tea bag packing machines to the market mainly as a result of the feedback we received from our valued customers. The teams were highly motivated and wanted to innovate the machines which resulted in developing a high speed single machine that produces 100 bags per minute and the 90 bags per minute envelope machine.

Expanding operations and driving success

Tecpacking then started to expand its operation from China to different parts of the world. Strategic geo locations were studied and analyzed thoroughly prior to entering into the International market. Initially we stepped into Holland with the plan of entering into the European market which has been a key success story of the Company. Second, we entered the Sri Lankan market which has easy access to South East Asian markets such as India, Maldives, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and more. Finally we entered the USA market that is one of the biggest markets at present.

At present having offices and showrooms in China, Europe, Sri Lanka and USA. In the future we will be expanding our showrooms to South Korea, Australia and Dubai. This way Tecpacking will be strategically located in key geographies and customers from around the world will have easy access to our products. Alongside building our global footprint, we understood we need to build our human capital and processes alongside as well. With the mindset of becoming a successful in the world market we placed great efforts to build the dream team with the right attitudes, while streamlining many of the processes through strict control and standard operational plans. In the years Tecpacking has received certifications from institutions recognizing the processes that are in place.

The correct investment in the human capital around the world enabled Tecpacking to build these processes. Also, we formed the vision, mission and value of the Company which communicated the common purpose of our existence with all stakeholders of the business. This was a very important milestone for the Company as it cleared the way forward of the Company. Also additionally setting up the vision, mission and values enabled the teams to assign responsibilities accordingly to grow the Company to achieve its ultimate vision through short term and long term objectives and goals.

Distinguished values beyond business

Tecpacking has an unique culture, and this distinguishes our Company from many others. We follow a core principle of always striving to help our business partners. Let the situation be good or bad, the Company makes it a point to build good relationships and there after go out of the way to support our business partners to really help them be successful. Example - we have helped a start up Company in Sri Lanka in 2010 and we have been working hand in hand together for long hours, the first two years to really help them establish themselves in the market. This in turn helped Tecpacking develop a deep bond and relationship with the key decision makers in this Company. The business relationship is very strong while personal bonds are beyond friendship.

Some of the key challenges

The journey however has not been a smooth one, but with many hardships and challenges. While we were succeeding in the markets we had our fair share of backlashes as well. We had instances where due to technical difficulties we had to completely pull out our machines from certain factories and take them back for repair. This is a costly process and at the time it was disheartening. However, this was a blessing in disguise as we learned a lot and corrected our mistakes as well. This was an inevitable experience we had to face to pull through the hardships and convert Tecpacking into a more agile, stronger and experienced Company that can compete in the world market more efficiently.

Another challenge Tecpacking is facing is “made in China” slogan. Traditionally this slogan had its implications as the world market has a different perception on products manufactured by China. However, over the years with China becoming a strategic global supplier to the world market on many industries, Companies have started to focus heavily on its product quality. This is the similar pattern followed by Tecpacking where the Company focuses on producing and delivering high quality machines and material to the market. Unlike before, the “made in China” slogan has a different perception now as it is now getting more recognized for the quality rather than low prices. However, there is still a segment in the market who looks down on products manufactured by China. This may take time to overcome. However, we can only hope that with globalization happening ever so fast with the advances in modern technology - that this perception is analyzed critically than a simple justification.

Where Tecpacking stands today!

Tecpacking is a modern Company based off China with operations around the world. The dynamically young team at Tecpacking has a unique approach to work. We are focused on making a positive impact in the society. We collaborate with partners from different parts of the world to ensure we are capable of supplying the best products and services at all times. The environment matters to us, and this is why we have innovated to produce and supply biodegradable products to our customers. We are a Company focused on ensuring we bring in positivity and prosperity to the world.

Today, Tecpacking is working with giants in the tea industry such as Lipton, Dilmah, Eswaran Brothers and many more. We are grateful for what we have achieved. However, we have even bigger ambitions for the future. We would like to conclude our story with our vision and mission so that you would understand our wider goal:


Keep improving and supplying internationally recognized, high quality and efficient tea bag packing machinery & materials to the global tea industry. We also aim to help our customers uplift their efficiency and reduce cost.


1. Become a popular and internationally recognized brand in the global tea bag packing industry

2. Driving sustainability in our business operations through realizing the value of our employees

Thank you!

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