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The power of after service at Tecpacking

After sale service is an important area for Tecpacking. Many organizations simply shut their doors once the sale is done. This is because, after sale service can be very costly. However, we at Tecpacking believe that we have the responsibility to

empower our customers on using our machines and materials to reach the highest possible efficiency and take the maximum possible out of them. We firmly believe if a Company sells a product, they should be liable to ensure its performance. Those that run away from after service and stop all communications after the sale can be regarded as failures as many customers would choose to avoid such Companies in the long term. After service is a very important element, specially for Chinese companies. This is because with the modern times and requirements in the global supply chain, Chinese companies are pressured with the challenge of keeping its position as a world factory. It is very important for Chinese companies to go one level up in the supply chain and definitely after service is where these companies can cement its name as a leader.

Right from the inception, Tecpacking’s business model included after sale service – regardless of the cost it involved. We believed in our products and wanted our customers to get the maximum possible out of it. Doing after sale service rendered us to build strong relationships with our valued customers which in turn helped our sales in the long term. We place great emphasis on after sale service and our after-sale service team developed a framework to ensure consistent service to our customers. The framework is as follows:

  • Professionalism – have a professional approach and ensure communications happen professionally

  • Timely – Respond to the customers in a timely manner

  • Rapid solution – Revert back to the customers with the solution at hand to solve the problem they are having

  • Follow up – Following up with the customer to see if the problem has been solved and to provide advice on maintenance

  • Improvise and improve – Analyze the issues faced by the customer and see what can be done to ensure such problems do not arise in the future.

In addition to the above, the usual after sale services that we do to our customers once one of our products are bought would be as follows:

  • Installation

o Assembling parts

o Signal cable connecting

o Power cable connecting

o Air pipe connecting

o Machine positioning

  • Test running Installation of the packing material and filling with tea/herbs. We conduct a test run for the machine and do adjustments accordingly to let customers understand how the machine operates and understand the machine well

  • Training

o Introducing the machine, its functions, and main parts

o Explaining the theory of the machine and training the customers to use the touch panel to operate the machine

  • Troubleshooting Assisting the customers on the process of production

Our principle from the start was to ensure we provide an exceptional experience for our valued customers. As a result of centering our services around after sale services, we have been able to take on much feedback from a range of customers that enabled us to continuously improve our machines over the years. This helped us develop our star product TP-P100 pyramid tea bag packing machine ( which is one of the fastest packing machines available in the market now.

The future of servicing will not be easy. However, Tecpacking is determined to continue and take wider steps to always ensure a phenomenal service to our valued customers.

Thank you!

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