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The story of Teepack and Tecpacking

Teepack is a leading Company in the food packaging industry. It is one of the leading machine manufacturer and supplier to the tea industry globally. Tecpacking is a relatively new player in the tea packaging industry. While both Teepack and Tecpacking operate in the tea packaging industry, the two Companies are not direct competitors as Teepack machines produce the traditional double chamber tea bag, while Tecpacking machines produce the latest pyramid tea bags, However, as the Co Founder of Tecpacking, I can gladly say that our roots and connections go way back in time. We are colleagues and mutual friends from the industry. Today, I would like to write my article on Teepack and the bond Teepack has with Tecpacking.

A decade back, when I was visiting a potential customer in Sri Lanka, I was invited by a leading tea producing Company to see their machines perform. I saw an old looking machine, but it was functioning very smoothly without any trouble. When I inquired about the machine, I was told it was 50 years old! While I was relatively new to the industry, I was jaw droppingly surprised to see the machine being so old but functioning so well. I went on to inquire what this machine was and who supplied this to them. It was ‘Teepack’. I was amazed about the capabilities of this Company so I always kept an eye open to understand and study this Company.

I started to interact with many more in the industry, and got to meet a few more Companies that work with the machines produced and supplied by Teepack. The machines were well produced and maintained by the team at Teepack. I was amazed to see that Teepack was focused on becoming perfectionists. I was so fascinated by the workmanship of the machines by Teepack, that I wholeheartedly respect the entire team at Teepack for their professionalism and expertise in the subject.Teepack inspired me to take on Tecpacking to greater heights and was a role model to myself and Tecpacking.

As I spent my years in the industry, I started to get the opportunity to attend many exhibitions and trade shows. In these arenas I got the opportunity to see the Teepack machines in action. Though I had the opportunity to go and speak to the teams at Teepack, I did not do so as they were indirectly competitors to me at the time. However, In one of the exhibitions that was held in Vietnam, Teepack’s stall was right in front of us. One fine day, the senior most person from Teepack, Roland came over to our stall and said “Paul, show me how your machine works”. I was amazed he came over and asked me that, and I considered it as an opportunity to showcase Tecpacking machines. He watched me closely and when the machine started to function smoothly after I pressed the button, he said, “Good machine”. I felt so proud as I got a good comment about the machines from the top most person of the Company we admired so dearly. From this day onwards I made it a fact to keep in touch with Teepack whenever possible.

As time passed by we kept in touch, not very often. We use to greet to each other during the covid pandemic. Even Though both Companies were serving the same tea industry there was a difference in the audience we were catering to. Teepack was serving a separate segment in the market, while Tecpacking was serving another segment. Therefore I was keen on introducing some of my customers to Teepack who were interested in his subject specialization. Similarly Teepack too, introduced some of their customers to Tecpacking. It did not matter to either one of us whether we were able to really gain anything off these introductions. What mattered was that we were two Companies operating in the same market, but looking after and supporting each other.

Teepack is a professional Company that is open and supports small and upcoming firms in the industry. This core value of Teepack is vital as it enables the industry players to grow together.

Teepack and Tecpacking are two companies exclusively operating in the tea bag packing industry. We are certain that the bond and relationship between the two companies will grow stronger in the future.

I am sharing an introduction of Teepack below (I found on their website). Anyone interested in this great Company could get more details on visiting their website -

"Headquartered in Meerbusch, on the outskirts of the city of Düsseldorf, Teepack is one of the world's leading providers of tea-bag packaging systems and is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Teekanne Group, one of Europe's major manufacturers of tea and fruits/herbal infusions. Being the inventor of the double chamber tea bag, we’ve continued to be the leading innovator in technology, and we’ve been producing high-grade packaging machines for double chamber tea bags as well as vertical, form, fill & seal machines since 1948. Management and the approx. 180 employees unite in the same mission and aspiration – to provide clients across the globe with efficient packaging solutions made in Germany that comply with the high quality profile of market-leading brands and products. “Wrap your brand in quality” is an invitation: Count on Teepack when it comes to securing your success with the help of customised packaging machines. We’re your brand’s preferred partner"

Thank you

Paul Zhang

Co Founder at Tecpacking

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